Leveling UP

ROUNDHOUSE FAITHFUL!!!  THANK YOU for making our pre-opening and our actual opening a huge success.  The only thing that makes us happier than drinking our beer, is watching the Faithful enjoy pint after pint (in moderation of course) of our tasty Roundhouse Beer.  You would think thatwith all the success we have had, the Roundhouse crew would sit back on our sweet couch, put our feet up, and watch Chuck turn out barrel after barrel of liquid gold.  But you would be wrong.  Our R & D department is working overtime to take Roundhouse to the next level.  


Chuck has been using his background as a chemist to branch out from beer making.  He won't say what he is up to, but last we heard he was hiding out in the desert in a Winnebago.  I don't know what he is cooking up, but knowing Chuck, it has to be good.  

We are going to add the "Scratch Me"  to the human line of shirts. I can never reach that spot.  

We are going to add the "Scratch Me"  to the human line of shirts. I can never reach that spot.  


Speaking of the Faithful, we did have one idea that was a huge success this past weekend.  Father Mike Schmitz, Chaplain of Newman Campus Ministries at UMD, stopped by and gave a talk to the masses.  It was part of the on going Theology on Tap series which will start up again next fall.  


Thanks again to all the Faithful that have made Roundhouse Brewery a success.  We look forward to serving beer in the years to come.

Keep on Chugg'n . . . Responsibly.  

I think he is still wandering the desert looking for a place to hook up his hose. 


Timmy B. is working on a line of Roundhouse clothing for dogs.  He is currently working through some fashion issues.  He says the gray sport t-shirt makes his dog look fat.  One would say that his dog being fat would make him look fat. But, I wouldn't say that. 

I think he has been spending time in the desert with Chuck.


The light shineth down upon our taps.