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Greetings Roundhouse Faithful!

We are on the eve of an historic moment, the kegging of our first two beers: Golden Spike IPA and Cowcatcher Ale.  I was super stoked to hear that Chuck named one of our beers Cowcatcher. You see, I always pictured a Cowcatcher as a large noble person who was called upon to catch a cow that was in need.  Say, if Bessie was stuck on the 3rd floor of a burning building, the Cowcatcher would safely catch her.  I am sure I saw this on the news somewhere.

I did something I don't normally do as the Minster of Information, I fact checked it.  Now, I could have read the Beers section of our own website or even asked Chuck who is standing 10 feet away. Instead, I opted to Google it and much to my horror I found this. This thing does not safely catch cows at all.  It sends them.  It is a Cowsender.  


Instead of gently landing in the arms of a Firefighter, Bessie is suddenly entered in the Big Air competition at the X Games.  

At this point of the Blog post you are probably wondering what any of this has to do with the Brewery.  Nothing really, except this part:  Now that we are opening soon we will be posting photos, videos, and other nonsense on a daily basis.  Instead of swamping your Facebook account, the vast majority of our posts will be on Instagram at:  Roundhouse1551.  I will still continue to update the Blog and Facebook with any major news.  But if this not enough for you, check us out on Instagram.   














cowcatcher sketch.jpg
Picture this but with a cow on the bike.  That would be pretty cool actually.  

Picture this but with a cow on the bike.  That would be pretty cool actually.  



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