Big Holes

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of hanging with one of our partners who will have the longest trip to enjoy a Roundhouse brew.  Jill Brekken (Josh's better half), formerly of Brainerd, and currently of Anchorage, AK was in town to visit her mom.  After a lunch at Prairie Bay we went to the Northern Pacific Center to check out the progress.

Left to right:  Dan, Jill, Tricia, Amy, Nick (hidden), and Mark

Left to right:  Dan, Jill, Tricia, Amy, Nick (hidden), and Mark

Below you will find the progress that is being made to get ingredient number one of brewing beer into the brewery, water. 

This next picture is located in the space just to the east of the brewery.  I am not sure if this is another water line or a sewer line.  

This last photo is of a couple of bricks that were found when the doors were cut.  I like to think of it as a prophecy from the 19th century.  That we are not going to be able to keep any beer in our tanks (kegs).  Should have got a bigger system.