Located in the Clock Tower of the Northern Pacific Center Brainerd, MN.

At Roundhouse Brewery, we craft superior beers in a uniquely historic setting. Starting with the highest quality ingredients and a passion for the pursuit of an exceptional pint – we aim to brew and distribute unsurpassed beer to the Brainerd Lakes area and beyond. We believe deeply in this community and strive to provide not only a great beer but an enjoyable experience. We want this experience to allow our guests to connect with our brewing methods, the history of this railroad town and each other.  





1551 Northern Pacific Rd

Brainerd, MN 56401




Tuesdays 2-9 pm

Wednesdays 2-9 pm

Thursdays:  2-9 pm

Fridays: 12-10 pm

Saturday 12-10 pm

Sunday 12-6 pm

The Roundhouse Story.jpg

"Why Roundhouse?" you ask.........

Well, take a look at these pics from up above. A Roundhouse was used in these (and many) old rail yards as a place for trains to enter onto a turntable, yes, like your parent's old record players. The cars were detatched and rotated to line up and enter a specific garage stall for repairs or maintenance. The black and white pic is of the original roundhouse here in Brainerd. Iconic at one time, the building was demolished and the footprint remains right ourside our front door as is seen in the color pic.

  Brewery highlighted in red

Brewery highlighted in red